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Julia’s Journey Towards Sustainable Fashion  Revolution 

“Julia’s Inspirational Journey At 24, Julia pioneers Single Dual, fusing DIY, sustainability, and fashion. Her transformable clothing brand redefines sustainability, debunking myths and inspiring a brighter fashion future. Exclusive interview reveals her journey”

By A.J. Somer

In a world where fashion often treads heavily on the environment, Julia, at a mere 24 years old, is carving a new path in the industry with her brand, Single Dual. Born from a fusion of her passion for DIY projects, sustainability, and fashion design, Single Dual isn’t just another label; it’s a manifesto for change. 

Julia’s journey began with her graduation in Management from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. However, her true calling emerged from her deep-seated love for expressive DIY projects and a fervent commitment to sustainability. Through tireless exploration of tailoring, pattern construction, and fashion design, she laid the foundation for what would become Single Dual. 

Her voracious appetite for knowledge, devouring 3-4 books a month, became the catalyst for honing her skills, guiding her towards a brand ethos that champions innovation through transformable clothing. With each piece designed to adapt seamlessly to various occasions and lifestyles, Single Dual represents a beacon of modern sustainability in the fashion landscape. 

But Julia’s vision extends beyond creating fashionable garments; it’s about debunking the myth that sustainability means sacrificing style or functionality. In her eyes, it’s about offering even more. This ethos is woven into the fabric of Single Dual, evident in every facet of the brand’s operations. 

From eco-friendly packaging strategies to a take-back program aimed at extending the lifecycle of garments, Julia’s commitment to sustainability is unwavering. Her goal to transition to 100% certified sustainable fabrics underscores her dedication to making tangible, positive impacts on the fashion industry and the environment. 

Having recently showcased her transformative designs at Pure London, Julia is poised to take Single Dual to new heights. With an unwavering belief in the power of sustainable entrepreneurship, she offers advice to aspiring changemakers, emphasizing the importance of staying true to one’s values, despite the challenges. 

In this exclusive interview with Entrepreneur Prime Magazine, Julia opens up about her journey, the ethos driving Single Dual, and her vision for the future of fashion. Join us as we delve into the mind of a young entrepreneur on a mission to redefine sustainability in the fashion industry and pave the way for a brighter, more conscious future. 

What inspired the founding of Single Dual, and how does the company’s mission align with its values and products? 

I always knew I wanted to create a fashion brand, but when I realized how polluting the industry was, I nearly gave up. It took me a year to shape a brand that represents the sustainable future of fashion. Inspired by the urgent need for change within the fashion industry, we’ve embedded sustainability, fair wages, and ethical production into every facet of our operations, from sourcing materials to our final products. This journey has been about transforming that initial disillusionment into a force for positive change, ensuring that Single Dual stands as a beacon for what the future of fashion should embody. 

Can you share some insights into the sustainable practices and materials used in the production of Single Dual’s clothing? 

Firstly, we decided to embrace a specific style of modern, streetwear clothing with clear lines that will always be wearable and easily integrated into a woman’s existing wardrobe. We’ve consciously avoided using many colors or patterns to ensure that our garments stand the test of time and don’t fall out of fashion. However, the most crucial aspect is that we design our clothes to be highly functional and versatile. This approach allows each piece to be worn in multiple ways, ensuring that you never tire of them and they always feel fresh and new. This commitment to functionality and timeless design is how we balance style with sustainability, creating pieces that are not only environmentally conscious but also enduringly fashionable. 

What were some of the highlights of your experience at the Pure London x JATC fair, and how did it contribute to the promotion of Single Dual’s brand? 

For our packaging, we’ve embraced a “simple but powerful” approach. We ship our garments in classic kraft boxes, which are not only high-quality and reusable but also easily recyclable. Our use of talc paper and non-laminated stickers further underscores our commitment to minimal environmental impact. The only laminated item is the thank-you card, designed to be kept as a keepsake or used as a bookmark, adding a personal touch. This strategy highlights that when packaging provides genuine value and enhances the consumer experience, there’s no need for overly elaborate or non-recyclable options. Alternatively, making packaging attractive and functional for storage can also encourage reuse, aligning with sustainable practices. 

In what ways does Single Dual incorporate Romanian culture and craftsmanship into its designs and production processes? 

Currently, nearly 90% of the materials we use are sustainability certified. This doesn’t always mean they’re made from recycled materials; it can also indicate they were produced sustainably under fair working conditions. Our goal is to work exclusively with 100% certified sustainable fabrics, prioritizing recycled or innovative, sustainable textiles. Additionally, I plan to create products from a unique fabric handmade in our workshop, primarily composed of unusable textile remnants from production. This approach will result in one-of-a-kind products made from a distinctive, sustainable fabric, furthering our commitment to sustainability. 

How does Single Dual contribute to the local textile industry in Romania, and what impact does the company hope to make in the region? 

Although we’ve only been on the market for a year, I’m eagerly anticipating and truly hoping our customers will return their garments to us. We’ve devised a strategy where returned products will be recycled in various ways, from actual recycling to deconstructing the items and transforming them into entirely new products, such as dog beds, blankets, or children’s toys, to be donated. To reward our customers for participating in this sustainable cycle, they will receive a gift voucher when they send back their products, encouraging them not to simply discard them as waste. This approach not only extends the lifecycle of our materials but also contributes positively to the community, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. 

What are some of the challenges and opportunities you see in the Romanian textile industry, and how does Single Dual navigate these factors? 

I truly believe in the power of giving back, and I’m hopeful that by rolling out this program, it will inspire others to follow suit. Moreover, once we start implementing the program and organizing charity events and donations, I believe that as people see our genuine commitment, we’ll be able to build an organization dedicated to this cause. This, in turn, should draw even more people towards embracing sustainability. Our aim is to create a ripple effect, where our actions not only contribute to environmental well-being but also foster a community united by the principles of sustainability and social responsibility. 

Can you tell us about any upcoming collections or projects that Single Dual is working on, and how they reflect the brand’s vision and values? 

For me, Pure London was an incredible opportunity to introduce the concept of transformable clothing to an entirely new market. Many were amazed to discover, for example, that a jacket could be unzipped and transformed into a bag and a crop top jacket, or that a trench coat could be worn as is, as a dress, or as two separate pieces. Knowing now that people view this concept as the future of fashion, I’m even more determined to expand the brand. I sincerely hope that the wonderful individuals I met at Pure London will support me in this endeavor. 

How does Single Dual engage with its community of customers and partners, and what role does feedback play in shaping the brand’s direction? 

Creating a sustainable business nowadays is incredibly challenging. Often, it involves sacrificing financial opportunities to stay true to your values. Typically, establishing such a brand is also more costly. However, it’s entirely worth it because, looking back, you’ll see more than just fame and money. You’ll see your contribution to society, a sense of having done something right, of trying to solve a problem, and of leaving a better future for the next generations. This sense of purpose and contribution far outweighs the initial challenges and costs.