Revolutionising Umbrella Accessories with Style

Sustainability-driven fashion impact.

BrolleyMate innovates expandable umbrella cases, solving loss issues stylishly. Challenges overcome led to success at Pure London x JATC.

BrolleyMate, founded by Sanjay Patel and inspired by a personal experience, offers a unique solution to the common problem of losing umbrellas. The idea stemmed from Rachel’s unfortunate incident of losing her beloved umbrella and struggling to find a suitable replacement case. Traditional umbrella accessories failed to meet their needs, leading them to invent and patent an expandable umbrella case that fits any size umbrella by type, removing uncertainties in the pairing process.

What sets BrolleyMate apart is not just its functionality but also its focus on style and sustainability. The expandable cases are designed to be premium-to-luxe fashion accessories, enhancing the emotional tie and value for customers. The development process involved extensive research, iterative design, and sourcing sustainable materials, culminating in a product that combines functionality with fashion.

Establishing BrolleyMate came with its challenges, particularly in finding manufacturers willing to take on the technical aspects of the product. However, overcoming these challenges led to a successful showcase at the Pure London x JATC exhibition, where the unique product garnered significant interest from various stakeholders.

Looking ahead, BrolleyMate aims to capitalize on this interest by expanding its product line and finding large sales channels to reach a broader audience. The company’s core values of quality, design, and ease guide its product development and business decisions, ensuring that each offering meets the standards of the BrolleyMate brand.

In addition to providing innovative solutions to everyday problems, BrolleyMate aims to contribute to the fashion and accessories industry by promoting sustainability and encouraging consumers to make environmentally conscious choices. By using fashion as a vehicle for positive change, BrolleyMate hopes to make a meaningful impact on both the industry and the planet.