The Journey of Claire Barker, Certified Coach Extraordinaire

Empowering Entrepreneurs

“I’m naturally suspicious of programmes promising great things but 18 months with an EC Coach has shown me that what Nige and his team deliver is every bit as good as they promise. I just wish it had existed 25 years ago when I started out.
Having expert help ‘on-tap’ when you need it has been amazing and helped me get so much done. We’ve made massive progress and I’m well on-track now to get the business to where I want it to be…”


In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, there are individuals who not only navigate the challenges with finesse but also extend a helping hand to fellow business owners. Claire Barker stands as a testament to such entrepreneurial spirit and resilience. From her tenure as a Business Analyst and Project Manager to her current role as a certified coach, Claire’s journey is marked by adaptability and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Following a significant transition in her career due to a company takeover, Claire found herself at a crossroads. Undeterred, she delved into the intricacies of business administration alongside her husband, recognizing the imperative need to comprehend every facet of business operations. Amidst trials and errors, Claire’s quest for effective strategies led her to Entrepreneurs Circle, a pivotal turning point in her career trajectory. Embracing their pragmatic approach, she not only transformed her own business but also seized the opportunity to empower others as a certified coach.

Specializing in small businesses with a keen focus on driving tangible results, Claire brings a diverse portfolio of industry experience to the table. Her coaching prowess is complemented by a unique blend of analytical acumen and productivity insights honed through personal challenges and triumphs. Understanding the nuances of business ownership firsthand, Claire epitomizes the unwavering dedication required to navigate obstacles and foster sustainable growth.

As we delve into Claire’s insights and experiences, it becomes evident that her journey is not merely about coaching businesses—it’s about fostering resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Join us as we explore the dynamic narrative of Claire Barker, a beacon of inspiration in the entrepreneurial landscape.

What coach training have you attended?

I was a Business Analyst and Project Manager for 10 years and loved my job.  Following a company takeover I was made redundant.

So I joined my husband’s business doing the admin.

What I quickly realised, running a business you need to know every department. I started on a long path to find ways to make our business run efficiently without breaking the bank. 

I took many wrong turns but when I found Entrepreneurs Circle I knew I had my answers.

I became a member and got ways to effectively implement positive results in a no nonsense way.

Within a few months they approached me to see if I would be interested in becoming a self employed certified coach and I jumped at the opportunity.

The training and support I get helps my clients achieve more and get the lifestyle they want.

What size business do you specialize in coaching?

I specialise in small businesses of 100 employees or less.  Though the main reason for having a mentor is being open to change and the hard work that’s needed to succeed.

What industries have you coached?

I have coached a variety of industries but that’s what makes it exciting.

What do you do best? What someone does best is not the same as that in which they specialize.

Life gets in the way sometimes but having someone who can give you techniques and support to keep the business going is vital support.  Even on a daily basis you need to ensure you are utilising the day to its full advantage.

What additional skills besides coaching do you bring into play?

I bring my analytical skills that allows us to look at business improvements and make savings and more efficiency.

I also offer my productivity knowledge as I’ve had to learn to do more in less time and I live with illnesses.

I understand what’s it like to run a business and how to avoid the pitfalls.

To me that’s a unique combination to get businesses succeeding.

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