Unveiling the 5th Issue of Entrepreneur Prime Magazine


Welcome to the fifth issue of Entrepreneur Prime magazine, where empowerment meets entrepreneurship on a global scale.

In this edition, we are thrilled to feature Dr. Terence McIvor, Founder of the International Guild of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers, gracing our cover. Dr. McIvor’s exclusive interview unveils his ground-breaking approach to transformative coaching, intertwining neuroscience with hypnotherapy to reshape education and personal development landscapes. Moreover, his pioneering pain reprocessing techniques offer a beacon of hope for those enduring chronic pain, promising revolutionary relief.

Alongside Dr. McIvor’s insights, we present interviews with Pioneers of Success, where leading entrepreneurs share their remarkable journeys. From Marc Rowley’s adaptive leadership to Rocky Romanella’s profound insights on leadership, from Nicole Parkes’ crafting of brand success to Chincia Kenner’s pioneering entrepreneurship, and from Curra Rotondo’s dedication to sustainability to Julia’s sustainable fashion revolution, this issue is a testament to the diverse spectrum of entrepreneurial excellence shaping our world. We delve into Christopher S. Thorne’s impactful zero-focus approach, Dr. Kristian Edwards’ empowerment of wellness, Melinda Nicci’s championing of women’s empowerment, Katie Lynch’s crafting of magic, Sarah Barker’s unveiling of artistry, and Rob Sherwood’s exploration of the dynamics of digital marketing.

Entrepreneur Prime isn’t just a magazine; it’s a global force for empowerment, reaching over 190 countries and more than 40,000 networks and platforms. Proudly British, our print editions have been a staple for years, embodying our commitment to amplifying the voices of successful entrepreneurs worldwide.

As always, we are honoured to serve as the voice of entrepreneurial success globally. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply someone passionate about innovation and empowerment, we invite you to immerse yourself in the stories, strategies, and insights within these pages.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Enjoy reading, learning, and being inspired.

A. Baldie
Editor’s Desk.