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Insights, Inspiration, and Innovation  from a Serial Entrepreneur

Victor Green, a serial entrepreneur,  shares insights on avoiding common pitfalls, staying motivated, and mentoring budding entrepreneurs for success on his new streaming show, Newpreneurs.

Victor Green is a name synonymous with entrepreneurial success and relentless innovation. A serial entrepreneur hailing from the UK, Victor’s journey began at 30 when he launched his own publishing company. This venture was the first of many, as he soon expanded into the Trade Exhibition, Conference, and Convention business. The profitable sale of these enterprises was just the beginning of a dynamic career spanning multiple industries, including printing, marketing, PR, photography, finance, manufacturing, real estate, professional soccer team ownership, web design, and even a direct-to-consumer app for snow clearing. His ventures have been as diverse as manufacturing men’s shoes and managing a rock band.

In recent years, Victor has turned his focus to business consultancy, guiding both large corporations and fledgling start-ups. His latest initiative, a streaming show called “Newpreneurs,” reflects his commitment to fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs. This platform is dedicated to GenZ and Gen Alpha innovators, offering them a chance to share their ground-breaking ideas and receive mentorship and funding—up to $250,000—from angel investors. Through this show, Victor aims to build a community where young entrepreneurs can learn and grow, supported by experienced mentors and like-minded peers.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Victor Green for Entrepreneur Prime Magazine, delving into his extensive experience and insights. From common pitfalls in starting a business to maintaining motivation through tough times, Victor shares practical advice drawn from his own successful career. He emphasizes the importance of thorough research, self-belief, and constant curiosity in the entrepreneurial journey. 

Victor also reflects on his formative years, recalling how his early jobs fuelled his passion for business and shaped his entrepreneurial mindset. His diverse career transitions, especially the bold move to expand his exhibition business to Olympia, showcase his ability to adapt and thrive in new fields.

In our discussion, Victor also reveals what he looks for in aspiring entrepreneurs on Newpreneurs: clarity, confidence, and a deep understanding of their business ideas. His mentorship style, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs see the broader potential in their ventures, has led to significant successes, such as transforming a computer recycling idea into a lucrative business by focusing on valuable components.

Victor Green’s wealth of knowledge, shared in his book “How To Succeed in Business – By Really Trying,” continues to inspire and educate entrepreneurs worldwide. As we explore his insights and experiences, it becomes clear that his contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape are both profound and far-reaching.

Can you share some insights on the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a business, and how to avoid them?

The most common mistake that entrepreneurs make is rushing ahead with their idea.

It is essential that research is done on the product or service to ensure that it will fulfil a need and benefit the people who will use the product or service.

To avoid failure, they must take as much time as possible and take notice of what they learn when researching their idea.

In your book, you discuss motivating oneself to success.

Motivation is basically a belief in yourself. If you are honest and recognize your failings and your good points this will motivate you. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Make sure that you express confidence and that you can back up the features and benefits that your idea will provide to users. Remember, if you do not like yourself, your looks, height, race etc then no one else will like you.

  Could you elaborate on some practical strategies or techniques that entrepreneurs can use to stay motivated during challenging times in their business journey?

 If you’re successful, your business journey will be very long. But to stay motivated it is up to you to continually look at 360° to ensure that you are fully aware of what is going on around you. Never stop being inquisitive, always look for new ideas and ways to improve what you are offering. Small details are essential so don’t overlook anything which will enhance your idea.

 What were the most significant influences or experiences in your childhood that sparked your interest in business, and how did they shape your entrepreneurial mindset?

 As a child I was extremely interested in all aspects of business. I started working just before my 13th birthday, after school, in a menswear store. I also worked on Saturday’s and enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t wait to leave school at the age of 15. My interest in business made me very curious and I took the time to look at numerous businesses to see how they could be improved. Because of my curiosity I opened numerous businesses.

Throughout your diverse career, you’ve ventured into various industries. What was the most challenging business transition you faced, and how did you adapt to succeed in a new field?

 My most challenging business was when I decided to take my exhibition to Olympia having previously used the lower part of a hotel. The challenge was could I make the event 100 times larger and attract exhibitors and visitors from throughout the world. The other main obstacle was the financial risk. The cost of hiring Olympia was somewhere in the region of 10 times my annual sales. Fortunately, this gamble paid off and the rest is history. 

What specific qualities or elements do you look for in a pitch when selecting participants for Newspreneurs? How do you determine which ideas have the potential for success and are worthy of investment?

 The qualities I look for in participants in Newpreneurs is their ability to clearly explain the benefits of the idea. Presentation is a major factor, but the most important thing is the confidence of the person and their understanding of their idea and how to move forward as a successful business. 

As a mentor on Newspreneurs, what is your approach to guiding young entrepreneurs who are just starting out? Can you share an example of how your mentorship has directly impacted the success of a participant’s business venture?

I have mentored thousands of people over the years and what I’ve always tried to explain is the importance of fully understanding their ideas and how it can move forward successfully.

One example was a young lady who was recycling old computers modems etc. etc. She had decided that she would put them in a container and ship them to African or Far East countries. I told her to look deeper into this idea by examining the content of the products. These products use valuable metals and other component parts and I suggested she should dismantle some of the products to see what is inside as it may be a better business to sell the component parts and the valuable metals. She did this and consequently the business was at least 20 times greater than it would’ve been if she had sold the complete unit.

What entrepreneurs must understand is that no amount of money will make a bad idea good