Janet Shreeve – A Journey from Passion to Prosperity in Ethical Care Consultancy

Business woman celebrates first anniversary of her business – set up when she was 65 Janet Shreeve Marks a Year of Success with Shreeve Care Services

Care specialist Janet Shreeve is celebrating the first anniversary of her business Shreeve Care Services, which supports independent, ethical care companies to thrive and also supports people looking to understand care and navigate the system

In the charming town of Paulton, near Bristol, a remarkable journey in the world of ethical care consultancy has unfolded over the past year. Janet Shreeve, a seasoned professional with more than two decades of experience in the care industry, is celebrating the first anniversary of her brainchild, Shreeve Care Services.

Founded with a vision to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals in need of care and support, as well as to empower ethical care companies, Shreeve Care Services has far exceeded its founder’s initial expectations.

Janet’s journey into the realm of care began in earnest more than 20 years ago. With a profound desire to utilize her extensive experience to assist others, she took the courageous step of establishing her own consultancy. “Care is often a taboo subject,” Janet explains, “yet it’s vital in the lives of many people, regardless of age. I wanted to help ethical, independent care companies thrive while also supporting families grappling with the complexities of accessing care services.”

Expecting a gradual development with just a handful of clients, Janet was pleasantly surprised by the diverse directions her consultancy took in its first year. She found herself facilitating business growth within several care organizations, launching a bid and tendering support process for companies in the care sector, and helping individuals and families navigate the labyrinthine care system.

Janet’s journey took an unexpected turn in 2008 when she lost her job and was undergoing a divorce. Seeking a fresh start, she joined a live-in care company. Her passion for the field led her to Bristol, where she continued her career in care, ultimately establishing a live-in care service for a prominent care organization, Care UK.

Reflecting on her journey, Janet expresses her love for the South West and her decision to make it her home. “I then went on professionally to set up a live-in care service for a large care organization, Care UK. When that role ended, I set up my first company with an ex-colleague around live-in care, and our plan was to sell it in five years. During the fourth year, we were made an offer we couldn’t refuse.”

After successfully selling her first company, Janet briefly worked with another company before deciding that being self-employed was the path she was destined for, even in her 60s. “I hate the word ‘retirement’,” she quips, “I’m 66 and I’ve still got lots to offer backed up by years of experience, and I have no plans of stopping now.”

Janet Shreeve finds inspiration in her mother, who continued working until she was 79, and she’s determined to follow in her footsteps. “I meet so many interesting people and continue to learn so much every day that stopping what I do just doesn’t enter my mind.”

Looking ahead, Janet envisions expanding her business in the coming year, collaborating closely with her trusted team member and bid writing specialist, Julie Prowse, who has been by her side since day one. Additionally, Janet has ambitious plans to launch a podcast later this year, aimed at exploring all facets of care to educate and enlighten her audience on this vital issue.

Janet Shreeve’s journey from a passionate caregiver to a successful entrepreneur is a testament to her dedication and the transformative power of care, both for individuals and the companies that provide it. As Shreeve Care Services enters its second year, Janet’s vision and enthusiasm promise to continue making a positive impact on the world of ethical care.