Paul and Harvey Brown – From Dreams to Brews: A Family’s Journey into Hospitality

The Craftsman Beer Bar and Shop Takes Warwick by Storm

The Browns, a family of entrepreneurs from Warwick, have taken an unexpected turn into the realm of hospitality with the launch of The Craftsman Beer Bar and Shop. Led by father and son duo Paul and Harvey Brown, the family’s venture is already making waves in the craft beer community.

In the heart of Warwick, a family of enterprising individuals has embarked on an exciting venture into the world of hospitality. The Browns, a tight-knit clan of entrepreneurs, have proudly introduced their latest creation, The Craftsman – a captivating craft beer bar and shop located on Smith Street.

Led by the dynamic duo of father and son, Paul and Harvey Brown, with unwavering support from mother Jacqui and brother Regan, The Craftsman has burst onto the scene, captivating locals and visitors alike since its grand opening just last month.

Craft beer enthusiasts are flocking to this hotspot for its unparalleled selection of brews. Boasting an extensive menu, The Craftsman offers 16 constantly rotating beers on tap, complemented by over 50 unique product ranges available in the bottle shop. What sets this establishment apart is its dedication to providing not just pints, but a variety of serving sizes including third, half, and two third pint options. A truly one-of-a-kind offering is the 16-beer flights – a chance to savor one third pint from each tap, spanning the spectrum from hoppy IPAs and pale ales to rich stouts, fruit-infused sours, and crisp lagers. If you’re looking to take the experience home, don’t miss out on the takeaway “growlers,” customizable containers for your chosen brew. And fear not, non-beer enthusiasts, as the venue also caters to your palate with a thoughtfully curated selection of wines, spirits, liqueurs, and ciders.

What makes this venture even more intriguing is the unexpected twist in the life of 20-year-old Harvey. While he had initially set his sights on a career as a sports agent, Harvey’s path veered towards entrepreneurship. Drawing inspiration from his father’s decades-long experience in managing small businesses, Harvey’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to the doors of the former Switch and Revive café premises, which were yearning for new life. Harvey reminisces, “It all started with a wild idea during Christmas about taking over my girlfriend’s dad’s beer shop in Warwick… I quit uni and became the proud co-owner of Warwick Real Ale with my dad.” This pivotal moment eventually paved the way for The Craftsman to emerge as a prominent player in the town’s vibrant scene.

The culinary offerings at The Craftsman extend beyond libations. Spearheaded by the talented head chef and general manager, Lee Mallen, the modest yet enticing food menu seamlessly complements the beer selection. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, Lee’s creations are a testament to the establishment’s commitment to quality.

Beyond its indulgent offerings, The Craftsman also places a strong emphasis on community collaboration. With a focus on supporting local producers, the establishment proudly features products from microbreweries to coffee suppliers, fostering a sense of unity and shared growth.

Harvey passionately describes the joy of introducing patrons to new flavors, saying, “It’s such fun buying in all this new beer and putting it on tap… I get massive satisfaction from that.” And it’s evident that this passion has resonated with beer enthusiasts far and wide, as visitors travel from various corners to revel in the ever-evolving array of beers.

As the Brown family sets their sights on the future, Paul envisions a chain of Craftsmans spanning different areas, with ambitions that remain as bold as their journey thus far. Despite occasional differences that arise in any family venture, the Browns remain resilient, turning challenges into discussions that propel them forward. Jacqui sums up their unexpected journey beautifully, reflecting, “It’s been an incredible journey so far… This was never something we sat down to discuss as a family. We’ve just fallen into it.”

With The Craftsman making waves in the world of craft beer and hospitality, the Browns have crafted not just a bar, but an experience that encapsulates their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for community. Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer aficionado or a curious newcomer, The Craftsman promises an experience like no other – a testament to the power of family, dreams, and the pursuit of excellence.